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Are ya feelin' lucky?

My parents are here (yay!), and JJ is having a ball with Grandma and Grandpa. Only he doesn't call them that. Well, he's actually pretty close to calling my mom "Gramma". But what does he call my dad?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two More Events Recorded For Posterity

One: Shortly after midnight last night, JJ awoke screaming. I went into his room to check on him and re-tucked him in, making sure both Elmo and (Curious) George were available for snuggling. After turning on his sleepy music CD, I returned to bed. Very shortly thereafter, JJ was crying again. Hoping that it would just take him a few minutes to calm down, I remained in my bed listening. After about five minutes, something changed. The crying seemed to be getting... closer. I rolled over in bed and found JJ coming through my door. For the first time ever, he climbed out of his crib. I'm not sure how he did it, especially since I didn't hear a thud. Apparently, angry determination works for him.

Two: JJ is enthralled with our Christmas tree. He loves taking off the ornaments and examining them closely. Of course, he then just leaves them in a pile on the floor, so I find myself redecorating often. Anyway, there is one particular ornament that he has been eyeing for quite some time now - a Hallmark motorcycle that was given to John by an old friend of mine. I placed this motorcycle just out of JJ's reach, and have, on more than one occasion, told him that he can look at that one, but not touch it. Tonight however, the temptation just got to be too much. JJ moved his stool (that he has recently learned is mobil) to the tree and was just able to reach his prize. Unfortunately, he still has not mastered the concept of lifting the ornament off of the branch, so he just pulled down - and eventually out - with all of his little might. And as it turns out, his little might is enough to bring a seven-foot, fully loaded Christmas tree toppling right over. Had it not been for my cat-like (uncharacteristically not sarcastic here) reflexes, which assisted me in catching the tree just in time, we'd still be digging the little guy out of pine and tinsel.

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