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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, John!

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate John's birthday. In the car on the way home, the following conversation occurred:

John: Did you have a good dinner?

JJ: Yeah, Dad. Now I want to go to the store.

John: No, buddy. I don't think so.

JJ: Yes, Dad. Let's go to Dollar Tree.

Marly: JJ, Daddy doesn't like shopping like you and I do.

JJ: I know... Daddy can wait in the car!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Perfect Example

I think I've mentioned a few times before that I am lazy. What I may not have told you is that, in addition to being lazy, I am also a wicked procrastinator. And lately, I have had a lot of stuff going on. Allow me to explain how these issues, when combined, can lead to embarrassment... for a family obviously more easy to embarrass than ours:

JJ's teacher asked him on Monday to bring in a picture of his family by today. I knew we would have to have one taken quickly, as we've had lots of pictures taken, but none of us together as a family smiling at the camera since he was a year old. (John was out of work for a long time, and portraits are expensive!)

As with practically anything that I don't write down lately, I immediately forgot about it... until last night at about 10:30. JJ was fast asleep by that time, and I'm not stupid enough to believe that a two-year-old would even give a smile a second thought if roused from sleep at that hour. So, I wrote "Picture" on a few sticky notes and posted them all over the house to remind me to snap a picture of all three of us together this morning. Fast-forward to this morning...

As per usual, I got up a little later than I should have. After a quick shower, I got JJ up and threw him in the tub. As JJ was splashing around, John got himself ready to go to work a lot faster than I expected. Suddenly, John had to leave, and JJ wasn't ready to get out of the tub. I still needed a picture, so I grabbed my laptop (MacBook... built-in camera) and this is what I sent my son to daycare with:

'Cause yeah, a sepia tint will pretty that right up!

Yes, I am leaning on the toilet, JJ is naked (and looking rather emaciated - I swear, we feed that kid all the time!), and again, I'm just waiting for CPS to knock on our door...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm concerned about his self-esteem.

After a long day of playing, JJ ran to me and asked me to take his shoes off...

Marly: You can do it, buddy.

JJ: Mom, I can't do it.

Marly: You didn't even try. Give it a shot. I think you can do it.

He then sat down on the floor in front of me and took his shoes off...

JJ: Mom, I did it!

Marly: See, if you try, you'll find out you can do lots of things. Good job!

JJ: I'm super, Mom! I'm super JJ! I'm super, super, super JJ! Super, super, super JJ!