Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Did Not Sleep Well Last Night

Little hands and feet
Everywhere... it's like sleeping
With an octopus


Casey said...

Yeah. I feel your pain. My "octopus" is seven. The remedy for that problem in the past has been for us to have another baby to boot the kid out of the bed. That solution got cost-prohibitive, however. :o) So now we're resorting to bribery!

Marly said...

I think another kid would be a great solution, Casey! John... not so much.

Most of the time JJ is fine in his own bed, but he hasn't been feeling well lately. And as I'm coming down with whatever he has, last night was exceptionally horrible.

Nikki said...

OK Casey... I'm trying to figure out exactly HOW that next kid happens when you have a little one in bed with you? (Things that make me go hmmm.)