Friday, September 7, 2007


I have been experiencing trouble deciding what action to take in an impending situation, so I posed a very personal question to a group of women I barely know today. Their answers were astounding - deep, thoughtful, honest, and touching. I was moved almost to tears in discovering that I share a bond with a bunch of people I just met simply because we're women. Women think differently. (I'm actually reading a book about that right now.) Had I posed the same question to a group of men, they would have just told me what to do. But these women helped me search for the motivations behind each of the possible actions, as well as each of the consequences. They shared their own experiences with me, thereby helping me make a decision for myself. I feel very lucky to be a woman today.


ErinRagan said...

Hey Marly! I didn't realize you had a blog until you commented on mine and it linked me here!

Of course I particularly loved THIS post! ;)

I'm glad you found us, and I hope the group will be as special to you as it's been to me over the years! We're glad to have you and JJ!

And, yeah, women pretty much rock. lol

Trish said...

What a touching post! I am so glad you jined us and really happy! I love your blog! Keep it up.