Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He's a good six feet in heels.

John has an interview today, so we had to go out and buy him a new suit last night. It appears that leaving a suit hanging in the closet for a month or two causes it to shrink. Who knew?

At one of our local department stores, as we were perusing through the racks of suit coats that were all too small, John came to a personally disturbing realization. (Just for the record, I came to this realization much earlier in the process, and let's just say that my suggestion for solution was not well received.) In a last-ditch effort to avoid reality, John found a gentleman working in the department. "Do you have any bigger sizes?"

"No, sir. Everything we have is right here in this section," the young man replied. Checkmate for reality.

John stared at the racks of seemingly elfin clothes, heaved a sigh of resignation, and in a haunting voice asked, "Is there a big & tall men's shop around here?"

"I don't know," the kid turned and pointed, "But, we do have some tall selections along the wall."

Even John had to laugh as he admitted, "Dude, look at me. My problem is not that I'm too tall."

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Michelle said...

Poor John! I think we have all come to that realization at one time or another! I hope he has great luck for the interview. And, I can personally attest, clothes CAN just shrink hanging in a closet! :)