Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm just high on life.

A few years ago, through a series of disturbing events involving a very bad haircut, an even worse dye job, and a certain unscrupulous hairstylist claiming he was gay, I ended up the tearful owner of a couple of salon-quality products. One is Hemp Seed Shampoo. The other is it's mate - Hemp Seed Restorative Conditioner. Both are made by a company called Alterna. And both were immediately shoved to the back of the bathroom closet where they were forgotten much more quickly than the aforementioned hair massacre.

Recently, I ran out of my favorite salon shampoo and conditioner. Now, I will be the first to admit that the products I choose to use are relatively expensive. However, no matter what the well-meaning people at Suave say, there is absolutely no comparison between the hair products I endorse and the crap they produce and bottle. Therefore, I was facing a bit of a dilemma: Do I splurge a little and purchase the shampoo and conditioner that I know will leave my hair silky and shiny? Or do I practice what I preach (to John), and suck it up with inferior products that *probably* will not kill me?

So, I'm in the salon... just kidding.

In the midst of making my decision, I went to the bathroom closet to refill the soap dispenser in our bathroom. And what should I find behind the ginormous bottle of soap refill? A very dusty pair of bottles containing salon-quality shampoo and conditioner! Yay!

That is how I came to be using hemp seed products on my hair. And for those of you thinking you just found the magic ticket, and you might enjoy smoking some shampoo, or adding some conditioner to your next batch of brownies... think again. It says right on the bottle:

*Hemp seed oil is drug free.

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