Sunday, May 3, 2009

Foreign Perspective

Dear Heidi had this to say yesterday. I think she did a pretty good job of it.

By the way, Nikki, it's a must-read for you!


KJae said...

Children need love and nurturance and guidance. They need an opportunity to be themselves and to be listened to. More than anything they need unconditional acceptance. The age of the children shouldn't matter either. I'm almost 37 and I'm still a child. I still yearn for love and acceptance and always will. Where ever or however this acceptance comes shouldn't matter. Heterosexuals. Homosexuals. One parent. Two. Doesn't matter in my opinion - and I'm one VERY religious person.

I belong to a church who strongly believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. I accept this into my life. However, just because I personally don't choose to marry a woman, that doesn't mean I don't still love and appreciate the people who do choose that.

Anyway. I'm a very religious person. I also see the value in the quality of life that children deserve - however they are able to receive it.

I'm sad for people who hate. Period.

Marly said...

Thank you, Kelly! :)

Heidi said...


Thanks, Marly! I'm glad you agree with me!

Nikki said...

Thanks Heidi, thanks Kjae and thanks Marly. I think Marly can attest to the fact that my child is loved, accepted and well adjusted. She is able to be herself and she has great self esteem. I don't want to toot my own horn but as a gay parent, I think I have an awesome kid and the only time we have troubles, (outside of the normal ones that everyone has), is when people try to impose their beliefs on us.

We love our family and wouldn't change a thing about it. Thanks for the great words and thanks for the support!! It means more than you can know!!

Kjae, thanks for knowing that religion and humanity are not mutually exclusive. Thanks also for knowing that religion is interpretive and has usually been interpreted by men, hundreds of years ago. If you need love and acceptance, you just got some from me with your comment!!!! Love you kid!!

KJae said...

We ALL need love and acceptance. When don't we? Thanks for giving me some. ; )

I try to love all people. Some are easier than others. I try to have a no-hatred rule, no matter the circumstance.

When it comes to children especially, I am very passionate about them having acceptance NO MATTER WHAT. I never felt that I had that and it caused major issues for me. 5 years of therapy has definitely helped and now I'm in a much better place than I ever was.... but for 30+ years of my life I never felt good enough. Now I know different. Children NEED that kind of acceptance especially if their orientation is something that most people view as "wrong." People just don't understand because it isn't the "norm." Please don't get me started on 'normal.' : )

Anyway, love ya Nikki!!!!! You seem to be raising an incredible kid. Keep up the great work.