Thursday, August 27, 2009

He must have been mistaken.

As we were talking this afternoon, John took one finger and rubbed my face just outside my eye. Thinking he was removing an eyelash, I asked him, "Did you get it?"

"No," he replied.

Wondering why he stopped trying, I followed, "Why not?"

"It's a crow's foot."


Heidi said...

Aww, what a charming image.

I'm sure this means nothing coming from a 23 year old, but wrinkles aren't so bad. They just mean you've lived a little!

A Little Of A Lot said...

I like to call them my smile lines.

Kat's Credence said...

I think I'd have had to add a black eye to his! LOL. Why can't they come up with sweet things to say, like they just wanted to touch you?

Nikki said...

My ever charming brother strikes again! I think you look fabulous sister!!