Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's going on...

I've been rather non-existent around here lately. Life has been coming at me more quickly than I have been prepared to handle. Nothing has gotten really out of control. I've just been too busy to write. The highlights:

* JJ and I are both finally finished with the antibiotics we were given for probable cases of strep throat. Strangely enough, neither of us was actually tested. I guess it's just going around to the point where everybody gets medicated.

* John has a job, but he still hasn't really started working. There are apparently a bazillion hoops to jump through for state contracts, and it just takes a ridiculous amount of time to get started. He's getting paid, but he really hasn't left the house yet.

* My company is purchasing a new building. It's a good thing, as we are really cramped in our current space, however the economy is forcing a dramatic downturn in giving, making it difficult to secure additional funding to support this change. My job is to find the money anyway, which is a rather challenging task to say the least.

* Add to the previous, the fact that we're hosting our first signature event in less than two months, and it's going to be a whopper. I have am amazing committee working on the project (thank God!), but the stress is still there... and looming.

* John's brother is getting married in VA on Saturday. Much of the family is coming down from NY tomorrow. They will be staying with us. Our house is a nightmare.

* JJ is completely potty trained. It took about 5 days. I still have no idea how we managed that.


KJae said...

potty trained in five days??!? you'd be a rich woman if you could bottle the secret and sale it. my sister has a four year old that she adopted from Haiti.... he pretends to be trained and then proceeds to pee in his underwear for a straight five days... then pretends again for a while. argh!!

i would love if kendall could have a job and be paid while still hanging out at our house. enjoy the time you still have!

good luck with your job and i'm so glad you're feeling a bit better.

Jason, as himself said...

Congrats on the potty training success!!! Some kids just kind of do it themselves.

And I feel for you and your strep. I've had it many, many times.