Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just had an amazing experience with a recruiter who is interested in John. She told me his resume sucks. If that was all she had said, I would have immediately donned my defensive gear and headed into a (no doubt) losing battle. But she didn't stop there. She proceeded to explain to me not only why John's resume sucked, but also how to fix it. We spent probably a half hour on the phone discussing how it could be improved to make John a more marketable potential employee. So he can get a job. And the forboding black cloud above us can be lifted and we may once again see the sun. If you'll pardon the continuing metaphor, our ray of sunshine today is named Lisa.

Thank you, Lisa. And if we're ever in Phoenix (and the possiblilty seems to be getting stronger all the time), we owe you dinner.

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fireflymom said...

It's nice that she helped you with constructive criticism. Hope the changes work!