Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blinking is almost as funny as "NO".

As with most mornings at about this time, I am currently curled up in my big red chair, checking my e-mail, and looking to see if any of my friends have posted to their blogs since yesterday. JJ is happily scurrying around the room, playing with various toys, trying to touch things he shouldn't, and occasionally running into the coffee table. Every once in a while, he takes a break to plant himself in front of my chair with his arms up. Knowing that there is only a short window for cuddle-time before JJ must resume his million mile walk of destruction in our family room, I am certain to take full advantage of whatever he will allow me. So, I put my laptop aside, and snuggle with the most adorable kid on the planet. And then I take a moment to thank God for instinctual reflex, because apparently the look I so desperately want to mean, "You are the greatest Mommy ever, and I love you sooooo much!" actually turns out to mean, "I wonder if I can actually TOUCH your eyeball."

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