Monday, February 25, 2008

Smell me, baby!

Recently, I found some Herbal Essences shampoo on clearance at our local drug store. It's not the salon stuff I prefer, but we are currently trying to keep unnecessary expenses down, so I purchased it. And although I like it, the fragrance hasn't been making John as happy as the commercials suggest. (The only time he moans and groans in the shower is when I "accidentally" flush the toilet...

What he said: "Honey, you're going to need a weed-whacker to deforest those legs!"
What I heard: "Scald me."

... Really, can you blame me?) So, I just got back from the drug store, where I bought John some "man" shampoo. You know the stuff - it's just like every other shampoo, but costs a little more because it smells... manly. John is really concerned with smell, but that's not a bad thing. If there is one thing all of my girlfriends can agree upon, it's that my John smells gooooood!

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