Monday, April 14, 2008

Time Out

You know, it's funny (interesting, not ha ha - well, maybe ha ha - I'll let you decide) that I spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think. Often about me, yes, but many times, just in general. I find it fascinating that ten different people can experience the exact same event, and come away with ten completely different interpretations of said event. Yet, with all of this thinking that I do, I have to admit that I haven't given much thought to what my readers are thinking when they read this blog.

Personally, I have been called the Queen of Sarcasm, and I feel like that title is especially fitting because I married the King of Sarcasm. And together, we reign over our kingdom of insanity and calamity with sharp tongues and often self-deprecating humor, that to an outsider, may seem a bit harsh. But truly, our vile and wicked wit is an excellent bonding and coping mechanism that works quite well... for us. Together, John and I stand and laugh in the face of whatever life may throw at us - because together, we know we are strong enough to handle anything (and neither of us finds crying very productive).

My very favorite analogy of our shared sense of humor (from my standpoint, of course) can be found here.

When I started writing here, my audience was a few close friends who know me (and my off-the-wall statements) quite well. Most of them also know John, and on several occasions, those friends have laughed with me as they said that they could actually hear one of us making whatever crazy comment I published. And, as many writers know (although perhaps not quite as many will admit), praise of our talents inspires a drive to further produce. So I find it exceedingly rewarding to find that, over time, my readership has grown. Tens of people (and I know this, because I can track you) are reading now!

And it suddenly occurred to me that some of you might not "get" me. So I just wanted to take a minute, to urge you, the reader, to take everything I write with a grain of salt - maybe two.


Anonymous said...

My dear sister...there will be no salt here. Not only are you hilariously funny but your words are definitely meant to be lived by! If everyone in the world looked at things from your slightly bent angle, it would be a much better place! I do know you and I do know that man you are married to and I think you both lucked out bigtime when you found each other!
Aunt Nik

Becky said...

Dude, I can't take you with a grain of salt. I'm already mad at you for asking me to do that.

(the sarcasm should be dripping off the screen).

Trish said...

I just wanted to let my presence be known =) Because you may have more than 10 readers, because I read everyday but I dont come to your site. I get your blog feed ;) on bloglines.

BTW I think you and John are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Get you? Who cares? Oh, yeah, you do. The whole point of a blog is to have your say. YOUR SAY. If they don't get you, they can start their own blog and hope that half as many people read their say. I doubt I will laugh at their words like I do to your words. Pee-my-pants laugh at your words. Just thinking about "happy 34th day" makes me laugh. They don't have to know you to appreciate that. But they are missing out on something pretty special by not talking to you live. Now, go kick John and kiss the cats.

Anonymous said...

marly, we get you and I am unsure if it is sarcasm or realism. What you laugh about or cry about are real things. Screw what people think about you. The important thing is that they think of you at all.


The Rambling Housewife said...

I totally get this . . .

(Hopped over from Aunt Becky, by the way)

And I totally get you!!

Love your blog!

fireflymom said...

Do I throw the salt over both shoulders?