Sunday, April 5, 2009

And we still had a good time!

JJ and I went with some friends to an "Easter Eggstravaganza" today. The company was excellent, but the event could use some help. Just a few suggestions for next year:

1. Children ages four, five, and six did not need their parents' assistance in finding plastic eggs dribbled throughout a field of grass.

2. The event probably should have been touted for ages four to twelve, as there was only one event that allowed participants under three.

3. For the one event that allowed participants under three, please note that gum and jawbreakers were not appropriate candy prizes.

4. Given that the nature of the event had children and adults running all over a park for two hours, drinks (even if sold) should have been available.

5. It would have been a good idea to announce, display, or in some way tell the crowd who sponsored the event. That way I could have directed these comments specifically.


KJae said...

Cute, even if frustrating!

Any pictures of your little Easter Bunny?

A Little Of A Lot said...

1.Yes, the parents helping their little darlings fill up their baskets was annoying, if not a little obnoxious.

2. A few little games for the younger crowd was definitely in order.

3.Bag of gummy bears and animal crackers would have been a lot more appropriate

4. YES, how ridiculous to not even have coolers filled w/ water and plastic cups... that would have been better than nothing. Thankyou for the diet Barqs, you saved Reagan's life ;-)

5.Kids Klub is sponsered by Wico Parks and Rec. I intend on sending them a little note.

On a positive note,it was a glorious day, perfect to be outside and having fun w/ friends. Reagan had a blast. As soon as we got home she hid all of her candy away from B & V in fear that they would expect her to share.