Monday, April 27, 2009


Have you seen the latest Toyota commercial? You know, the one with cars driving on an elevated road, passing billboards with model names on them... things like Camry's and Hybrid's.

That's a freakin' national campaign, Toyota! Where the heck were your proofers on that?


KJae said...

i don't get it. i am a self-professed moron though. i haven't seen the ads but what did the proofers miss? again, keep in mind that i'm three crayons short of a full box.

Marly said...

I have a thing about misused apostrophes. Simply put, they are supposed to be used when you are showing possession (Marly's blog) or in place of missing letters (do not = don't). However, far too many people think that an apostrophe should be used when making something plural. (The spectator's eyed their watch's as the dog's ran the course's. Aaaaakk!)

Anyway, most major advertising does not include this error, as professionals proof the ads before they are released. And now that I haven't seen the ad in a few days, I'm wondering if it wasn't finally caught. :)

KJae said...

okay, it's all beginning to make sense's. as previously's noted.. i generally dont understand's the rule's of grammar. youre helping me though. thank's!! ; )

Kelly's Mom-in-law said...

What really bugs me (which I see in the newspapers all the time) is using a plural verb with a singular nown. The group (or couple) are considering the bill. I too wonder where their proof-readers are.
Don't these dopes know that group and couple are singular nowns and should be used with a singular verb -- is?