Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sudden Realization

I was puttering around on Facebook yesterday, and saw that a friend had posted some updates. I went to her profile, and noticed that she had a new album for pictures of her 37th birthday. My first thought was that I didn't realize she was that much older than me. If I recalled correctly, she graduated a year ahead of me... but according to this, she's pushing 40. That would put several years between us.

Or would it?

Holy crap! I turned 36 last Friday! How did that happen?


Michelle said...

ROFL. You are too funny! (And happy birthday again!)

Nikki said...

First of all, dear sister, there is nothing wrong with pushing 40 or even leaving it in the dust!! Secondly, that means you are MUCH closer to 40 than 30! (tee hee)

Love you so much!!!!!