Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Little Runaway

I noticed the grill first. I saw it in my rearview mirror. There aren't a lot of cars like mine around here, so it stood out. The car passed me on the left. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. As it passed, I noticed the headrests for the back seat. The one on the passenger side was up higher than the one on the driver side. I instinctively glanced at my own back seat, and found that the same headrest was raised in my own car. I felt a sudden out-of-control panic, as I realized that I had left the headrest up after attaching JJ's car seat to the LATCH system.

And I lost touch with reality for a moment. I started to wonder if I was actually IN that other car. As I veered off of the highway, down my exit lane, headed for the reality of the errands I had to run, I felt like a part of me (my alter-ego, if you will - her name is Molly) continued on that highway, headed for destinations unknown.

Right before the other car vanished out of sight, I saw the flash of break lights. Enjoy the trip, Molly.

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