Monday, January 12, 2009


While wandering the mall last weekend, someone suddenly caught JJ's attention. I followed his gaze to an adorable little girl. She was probably just a little older than JJ, and she was wearing a cute little beret, with long blond hair flowing down the back of her pretty little dress. I prompted JJ, "Why don't you say hi to the pretty girl..."

As he usually plays the shy card, I was extremely surprised to hear JJ say, "Hi, pretty girl!"

She smiled, as her father grabbed her hand and jokingly said, "Graduate from medical school, young man. Then, you can talk to my daughter!"

Ah, motivation.


Nikki said...

Blonde, older women, medical school, and flirting... he really is my nephew!!!!!!!!

A Little Of A Lot said...

LOL, too funny

Michelle said...

lol, the father of a girl! I love it. JJ is too stinkin' funny!