Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worth a Shot

The other day, I commented about JJ's growing vocabulary. Since that time, he has upgraded a couple of words. Both "bunny" and "penny" are now being pronounced correctly.

So, as a matter of experiment, I am now going to comment on how very cute it is that JJ still wears diapers. ;)


KJae said...

Lots of luck to you on that one.

Hey, check my blog for Wordless Wednesday (that would be tomorrow). I'm pretty sure you'll like the "cat." Let's just say I'm glad the cat's head doesn't turn around... it would have been MUCH worse than your little giraffes.

: )

A Little Of A Lot said...

Yes, I can vouch that little dude pronounces "Penny" correctly and it made my heart swell 100 times today (even if it was the Penny he found on the floor and not me *SNIFF*)