Monday, May 5, 2008

We watch entirely too much television.

I just want to take a quick moment to appreciate my blogging friend, Frozen Star, for her unyielding faith in my abilities - even when I question those abilities myself. If you were closer my dear, I'd take you out for lots of drugs and substances we could enjoy legally - like coffee and Nyquil.

Because, even with this essentially blind backing of my skills, I am still convinced that dealing in illegal drugs is not for me. Why now? The answer can be found in another television show we have been watching almost nightly: MSNBC's Lockup. In this series, we have been able to explore the inner workings of many of America's finest prisons. And let me tell you, prison is not for wimps.

Did I ever mention that Wimp is my middle name?


Jennifer said...

lol....I do enjoy watching me some Lock-up every now and then too. =;)

Frozen Star said...

Even if prison isn't for wimps, I'm sure you could kick every inmate's ass. Or at least inspire the more merciful sides of their personalities with your tears.