Wednesday, May 21, 2008

See me evolve!

In a recent comment, dear Kjae implied that I don't post enough pictures in my blog. I think she's right. Except for Gimme an "E"!, The end of an era..., and For Erin, this blog has consisted entirely of words. It's amazing that so many of you are still reading!

So, as a thank you to my loyal readers, I have decided to steal an idea to give my blog a little more visual interest. Tonight, you will find my first Wordless Wednesday post. I am going to put my own little spin on the idea however, in that my posts will be actually completely wordless. No explanation, no commentary, no credits, nothing. I will however respond to any questions or comments regarding the picture (or life itself) in the comments. Please don't feel that the wordless suggestion applies to you as well. ;)

1 comment:

KJae said...

Great idea! Thanks for mentioning my name again, I'm honored!

You and I are extreme opposites on the photo thing.... but the great thing about your blog is that you paint a vivid picture each time you write! Your blog is very interesting and hilarious without pictures. However, I'll be looking forward to Wednesdays now. ; )