Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeah, he's our kid.

If you know John and I, you know that we are both foodies. We love to eat, and have a tendency to get more excited about a new cheesecake flavor than we did when JJ started walking. (Sad, but practically true.) And, in true foodie fashion, we also frequently experiment and mix foods that many people wouldn't normally think to try. I, for instance, have a passion for chunky peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. And in a restaurant in KC, I once ordered a burger with peanut butter and bacon on it - simply because it was on the menu and sounded interesting. It was actually pretty good.

Not all things turn out as well... country pork ribs do not compliment spaghetti sauce, and teriyaki steak does not mix well with macaroni and cheese. But alas, you take the good with the bad.

So really, it should come as no surprise that JJ is into food, too. He will eat anything and everything we put in front of him. And considering the fact that toddlers are notorious for eating nothing, I'm thinking we're pretty lucky. In addition, just like his mommy and daddy, JJ has inherited the tendency to mix foods.

You see, when preparing a meal for him, I usually end up putting a handfull of finger food in front of him to buy a little "non-whiny" time. For instance, when preparing oatmeal for him in the morning, I usually sit him in front of some Cheerios. So really, I think it's only natural that JJ started saving a few Cheerios, and now dumps them into his oatmeal when I get to the table. Adding crunchy oat cereal to creamy oatmeal seems like a fabulous idea to me. I also understand his desire to put Kix into pretty much any flavor yogurt. The combination of green beans and Goldfish, I don't understand quite so much.

But where I really have to give JJ credit, is his ability to follow through with his unique food decisions. When John and I find that we have really made a gross food error, we will actually throw the dish out. But a determined JJ recently finished an entire bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce... and strawberry Yogos.


Jennifer said...

*raising hand* Love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches! My mom does too.

Luvkids334 said...

Oh gaggle, JJ.

As for pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, I can feel my face turning green now.
You must all have iron stomachs ;-)

jess said...

Mmmm, yogurt meatballs!


Stephenie said...

ummm.. Yum! I guess the goldfish would be a cheese factor. if you put cheese on anything its probably good?? But yogurt and spaghetti.. Pass!