Saturday, July 12, 2008

Say what you will... I *heart* the internet.

Casey was my best friend, and according to my mother, the other half of probably one of the most beneficial and healthy relationships I have ever had. We had a lot in common, aside from the fact that we spent the most angst-ridden of early teenage years together. We were both cute, and funny, and sweet, and smart, and competitive. I know that she pushed me to work for a lot more than I ever would have aspired to achieve on my own. I can only hope I did the same for her. We had many of the same interests as well. I think the highlights at that time were reading, music, and boys - sometimes even the same boys. We spent every possible waking moment together. We were best friends.

But then... I guess life happened. Things changed. We changed.

And the next thing I knew, it was my senior year in college, and the phone rang. It had been over four years since the last time we spoke. Casey told me that she was a wife. And a mother. "Can you believe I'm somebody's mom?" (Those were her exact words.) A short time later, when I was home for a break, I met her daughter and her husband... her new family.

That was the last time I saw her - over 12 years ago. More life happened, I guess. It feels like a sad excuse.

And then, two weeks ago, she left a comment on my Roll Call! post. I followed it to her blog, Casey's Commentary, where I read all about her and her husband and their four children. I found that she is still cute, and funny, and sweet, and smart, and competitive. And I'm so very glad she found me here.

Hi, Casey! ;)


Casey said...

Your post leaves me teary-eyed. And humbled. And wondering if maybe you've possibly confused me with someone else??? :o) And then I see things like competitive--and sad to say, yes I am. Still. And liking the same guys--which did, unfortunately happen.(I think time and marriage has probably remedied this particular quirk in our friendship, however :o) ) And I realize that you just might be talking about me.
And I want you to know that I treasure those days, as well, and the person I have become because you were/are part of my life. I am glad we have found each other again, as well!

Hi, Marly! :o)

Marly said...

Virtual hugs aren't nearly as fun, but I'm sending you the biggest ones I can muster. And hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to bridge the 1500 miles between us for a real one. ;)